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Compostable & Bio-degradeable Bags 

Biodegradable adjective (of a substance or object) capable of being decomposed by

bacteria or other living organisms and thereby avoiding pollution.

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Our products are designed with unwavering attention to detailing and finish. The sleek look and cost effective performance of our line products made us the partner of choice for wide number of clients.

 Our endeavors to be the best are supported by leading vendors and logistics companies in the industry. Apart from this, we are able to anticipate the client needs and assure timely delivery at the best price.

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Our business activities are based on the core belief of quality assurance. We spare no effort to win strong client trust and strive to adhere to the principles of honesty and transparency.

Product Details

We manufacture all kinds of garbage bags for domestic, commercial and medical waste management. The Bags are non chlorinated and 100% recyclable above 75 microns thickness approved by pollution control board.


"I was quite surprised by the quality of these garbage bags. They are good and I would def recommend them for this price."

John Doe

"I love the idea of biodegradable and thats first point in it's favor . overall a descent quality Thanks"

Deeepak  Sharma

""These bags are great. I usually don't review any products but this got to be the one as the customer support is great. I had some queries about biodegradable and compostable but they cleared my mind and I found out that these biodegradable bags are not only great for environment but also pretty cheap compared to compostable bags."

Anand Mishra

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Garbage Bags Manufacturer

We are one of the leading Garbage bag manufacturers in Gurgaon. The raw material we use in the process of manufacturing is top-notch. We provide garbage bags of different shapes and sizes. Our garbage bags are both for dry and wet garbage. Our aim is to manufacture garbage bags that lift heavy trash effortlessly. Our primary goal to manufacture garbage bags that are top in quality and long run.

Maintain a cleanness in domestic and commercial places is very crucial. For that, you need to use high-quality garbage bags that store trash easily at the best market price. As a renowned Garbage bag suppliers in Gurgaon, we produce a range of plastic bags as an all-purpose cleaner. So, if you are looking for high-quality based garbage bags, you have come to the right place. We offer you the top-notch quality garbage bags that run a long time. We also focus on delivering garbage services to the resellers. With a strong dedication to customer satisfaction, we offer extremely standard quality based products at affordable rates.

Akashdeep Enterprises aims to manufacture garbage bags that highly affordable and maintain cleanness in your home and office. Our garbage bags are biodegradable and are usually black in color. These offer a sanitary and suitable way of garbage handling and are extensively used. These bags are highly light weighted and handle heavy garbage effortlessly. Whether you want a garbage bag to put messy or wet rubbish, our standard quality based biodegradable bags is suitable and available at the best market rates.

There are so many biodegradable garbage bags manufacturers in Faridabad, but we are the one who is offering all-purpose cleaner bags at an affordable rate without compromising the quality of standards. Our team is highly talented to protect Earth from the waste material by manufacturing garbage bags of all shapes and sizes. When it comes to delivering quality at a nominal rate, choose us. Because our manufacturing factory has launched with a major aim to provide garbage to keep the dustbin sanitary by avoiding its contact with the garbage. Once bag in the dustbin is filled with litter, it can be pulled out through the edges, closed and tied with negligible contact with the waste matter.

As per the requirement of the different sector, we offer biodegradable bags in different sizes. So, if you need a customize garbage bags, feel free to contact us, we are one of the best customizable Garbage bag traders in Gurgaon in that offer custom garbage services at the best market rates.

There are so many Dustbin Bags manufacturers in Gurgaon. But, when it comes to offering best and affordable garbage bags, Akashdeep industries is the only manufacturing biodegradable bags companies that indulge in wide range products which excel in quality and durability and available at the economical price. Having several years of experience in manufacturing garbage bags products we are catering to the ever-changing needs to the clients in a hassle-free manner.